Goals & Values

Primary goal: Customer satisfaction

The customer is the focus of our activities. Polymer-Group serves as a competent, innovative and flexible partner, offering customers comprehensive technical support and tailor-made solutions in application technology.

Production: Leading in quality and cost, offering high delivery reliability and
great flexibility 

Polymer-Group achieves customer satisfaction through efficient and innovative processes as well as the consistently high quality of our services. High delivery reliability and flexibility, also when it comes to meeting short-term deadlines, characterize our customer relationships. Continuous and systematic improvement of our quality management system and all processes in Polymer-Group help to further strengthen our leading market position.

Personnel: Long-term education and training of local employees

Polymer-Group offers its employees safe, long-term jobs and counts particularly on qualified and responsible employees recruited in the region. Training and further education, including industrial and commercial vocational training, are a major element of Polymer-Group’s human resources development policy. All training is aimed at increasing the employee’s personal responsibility in his/her workplace.

Compliance: Moral approach to dealing with employees and business partners

As part of a Code of Conduct, the Polymer-Group has defined a set of values on the behaviour of employees among themselves and on dealing with business partners. The Polymer-Group places particular importance on acting with integrity.

Responsibility: Safety, Environment and Health

In line with our responsibility for our employees Polymer-Group pursues a zero accident strategy. We involve all employees in matters of safety and health protection and continuously improve our safety standards. As part of our health management we ensure that workplaces are designed to protect safety and health. Promotion of environmental awareness within the workforce helps us to align growing production volumes with practiced protection of employment and environment. .

Energy policy: Sustainable use of resources

Polymer-Group is committed to reduce its energy consumption and to continuously improve energy efficiency. An energy management system helps us achieve this goal.