Within Polymer-Group, SoBiCo GmbH focuses on the development, production and marketing of bioplastics at the Bad Sobernheim site, Germany.

SoBiCo GmbH was founded in 2020 with the aim of developing novel PLA copolymers. SoBiCo GmbH benefits from Polymer-Group's many years of experience in the field of plastics compounding and combines this competence with the latest findings in the field of biomaterials.

The universally applicable bioplastic Plactid® developed by SoBiCo is made from sugar cane or corn plants, which act as a source of raw materials, in the reactive compounding process designed by SoBiCo. Products from the Plactid® series can be used both in extrusion (films, thermoformed parts) and in injection molding. The target applications range from packaging materials, the textile industry, automotive parts to 3D printing.

Important characteristics of the Plactid® bioplastics

  • Lactide as the main component of the copolymer
  • Bio-based (80-98% made from sustainable raw materials)
  • Recyclable (mechanically and chemically)
  • Biodegradability optional
  • Plasticizer-free
  • Stabilized long-term
  • Easy to use in traditional production processes

Another product range by SoBiCo, based on the new PLA copolymers, is the Lacto group. These are additives for compounders and converters who want to optimize the properties of PLA and other bioplastics.

In addition to the PLA-Copolymers, SoBiCo has also developed biodegradable bioplastics for film production. The target applications are packaging films and trays, carrier bags and sacks, agricultural films / mulch films and garbage bags. The products of the BioBatch series are characterized by very good technical properties and excellent biodegradability - in both industrial and home composting.