Biodegradable compounds

Under the name BioBatch TechnoCompound offers highly flexible biodegradable compounds consisting of biopolymers and special additives. BioBatch compounds are tested and certified in accordance with DIN EN 13432 as well as ASTM D6400 by DIN CERTCO. Main applications are landscape and agricultural films, garbage bags, and hygiene and packaging films. BioBatch compounds are composed of bio based and as well as fossil based raw materials. BioBatch is excellently suitable for printing without pre-treatment, welding and bonding. Of course, BioBatch compounds can also be colored.

Particular emphasis is on processability using standard converting machines. Film lines processing LDPE or LLDPE can be changed to BioBatch without any modifications. Due to good compatibility with polyethylene changeover can be achieved without stopping the production process. Merely adjustments of the temperature profiles may be necessary.